Term of Service

- You are not allowed to APPLY for any loans once we begin the process.

- You also need to be on top of your bill because once we see that there is a new negative item/s appearing on your credit while we are fixing it you will be charged for every item.

-Just in case one of the negative reappear (same creditor and account number we will dispute it for FREE) however if the negative item was sold to the other collection agency it will appear as new negative item we will not going to touch it if you want to remove it you need to pay for it.

- We will send you your login to your customer portal where you can check the progress of the negative items disputed every month (32-45 days). You will also receive an email from us every month for all the negative items we challenge.

- You need to stay with your CREDIT MONITORING (Smart Credit, Identity IQ, etc.) and pay it's monthly fee throughout the credit repair process because it will be our guide to compare your scores every month and to check what negative items to be disputed.

- Our dispute department will be working on your credit starting today and they will be reaching out to you within 24 to 48 hours in case they need additional information to help them with the repair.

- You also need to fill out the membership form today so we can begin the process. You will attach the required documents before we start the credit repair. Make sure the membership form is filled up completely especially the documents required which are: 1. Proof of Address (screenshot/ picture the entire page (4 corners) of the proof of address. 2. Driver’s License (the whole card should be screenshot/ picture clearly) 3. SSN (SSN Card should be fully screenshot/ picture clearly). Make sure to attach the documents needed. Incomplete membership form will delay your credit repair.

- And lastly we would like to inform you to make sure that the funds are available every month because this is an automatic payment whenever you fail to pay due to insufficient funds we will not continue disputing your negative items.

- If you have any other questions you can call our customer service line at (404) 480-5165.